Eagle Eye Awards

eagle eyeA special thank you to these employees for going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure safety and demonstrate situational awareness.

Jason Brazda, March 26-27
Twice during his tour of duty on the 02:30 East Yard assignment, Brazda noticed damaged rail. On March 26, he discovered a broken rail on the lead near the 15 East Class switch. On March 27, he found a sun kink five car lengths west of the inert retarder. Because he notified the proper authorities, both were quickly repaired. This prevented any delay in production and potential hazards to employees.

William Cunningham and Robert Shackleton, March 28
While working the 03:59 South Chicago assignment, Cunningham and Shackleton were on the West Departure Yard’s east end waiting for a pull down to clear. They saw the pull down derail while shoving to make the double in the West Class and immediately contacted the crew to stop the movement. Their alertness and attentiveness prevented a more serious derailment.

Donald Roth, April 9
At 11:15 a.m., Roth noticed a car rolling out of the track in the East Class Yard. He lined the necessary switches to prevent any damage associated and applied a handbrake to stop its movement. This quick action prevented substantial switch damage and definite yard delays.

Graeme McClure, April 12
While driving to the East Receiving Yard along 1 Fire Road, McClure saw a CSX conductor attempting to operate the 18/17 East Receiving lead switch while the track was occupied by 02 Approach/16 East Receiving. He stopped to correct the conductor and notified the West Yard yardmaster, advising him of the situation and the need for the switch to be inspected prior to the track being humped. This response and attention to detail prevented a possible derailment.

Phillip Maranda, April 15
While on duty as the West Yardmaster, Maranda saw the NTW-15 shove back in the West Departure Yard to clear 65th Street to conduct the air test. He noticed the switch was not properly lined for movement and stopped the move, instructing the conductor on the NTW to check the switch. Maranda prevented a run-through switch and potential derailment.

Kenneth Rivera, April 18
Rivera noticed there were only three handbrakes applied to a train on 16 East Receiving on the East Receiving Yard’s west end. He immediately contacted the East Yard yardmaster, who notified the UP 2AE gas crew to stop bleeding off cars and apply 10 handbrakes on the track’s east end. This response to an unsafe condition prevented a potential derailment.

Brian Appleby, May 2
While parking his engine on 11 East Class and lining up switches during the 07:59 East Yard assignment, Appleby noticed that 09 East Class was coming out and going to foul the lead. By lining up 09 East Class and contacting the hump conductor, the track was cleared and reskated. His alertness and attention to his surroundings prevented a potential derailment.

Excell Calhoun, June 8
At 12:40 a.m. while on duty as patrolman, Calhoun noticed the entrance gate was broken. He made a report, took photos and looked for the trespasser. On his way to Rockwell Yard, he saw a vehicle parked at 71st and Sawyer streets that matched the trespass vehicle that damaged the gate. The driver was identified and contacted, admitted driving into the gate and made restitution for repairs.