Fields likes Belt’s family atmosphere

Signalman Randall Fields comes to the Belt with railroad experience.

After two years at Union Pacific in a similar role, his first impressions of his new vocational home are positive. 

“I like that it’s very close knit, everyone knows one another,” he said. 

As a first-generation railroader, Fields wanted to embark on a career path no one he knew had tried before. That, combined with his interest in electronics, drew him to the industry. 

“It’s right up my alley,” he said, noting that even a switch machine has complex circuitry. 

In addition to a new career, Fields and his wife, Lenika, welcomed their first child, Laila, nine months ago. Becoming a father has further sharpened his safety focus.

“I have to make sure I come home and provide,” he said. “Things change fast in this environment. You have to stay aware of your surroundings.” 

Fields praised Signalmen Chris Forth and Mike Golich with a willingness to share their knowledge as he adjusts to working with Belt equipment, which sometimes differs from other railroads. 

” It’s right up my alley.” 

– Signalman Randall Fields
Signalman Randall Fields