‘Industrial athletes’ train for safety

Maintenance of Way employees added to their safety profile with the help of two physical therapists. 

Jake Brown and Crystal Scholten visited Building 392 Jan. 19 and taught two hourlong sessions to 30 employees in each session. They talked about warmup and lifting techniques, such as keeping heavy weight close to the body. 

Referring to employees as “industrial athletes,” Scholten reminded employees that an athlete would never begin play without warming up. She stressed warmups as key to enjoying the wellness benefits of stretching. 

“It increases blood flow,” Scholten said. “Employees shouldn’t go from their car straight to work or stretching.”

With employee lifting items of various size, some more than 75 pounds, they use various muscle groups throughout the day; proper warmup then stretching of a various muscle groups is appropriate preparation. 

Scholten visited Belt facilities in advance of the training sessions and spoke with leadership to gain a better understanding of the work employees performed so she could customize a warmup and stretch routine. 

She credited employees with being engaged.

Physical therapists lead a session.