Jane enjoys learning from journeymen

Signalman Kyle Jane may have only weeks at the Belt to his credit, but the company’s values already are clear.

“Safety is what’s most important,” he said. “You have to keep your eyes and ears open.” 

The recent hire praised his mentors, including Signalmen Chris Forth and Mike Golich, for being hardworking and concerned with safety. 

Jane, whose father Jeff also is a Belt signalman, is well aware of the important role his craft plays in the railroad’s mission. He’s committed to doing his part to get trains sorted and across the country. 

Before joining the Belt, Jane was a mechanic for a car dealership.

“I’ve always liked working with my hands, and being a signalman allows me to work outdoors, which I also enjoy,” he said, noting that he prefers the cold to the heat.

While Jane presently is focused on learning, his goals include becoming a journeyman and then possibly a track inspector. 

“Learning something new appeals to me,” he said. “I want to learn