Kerney excited to turn the page

Caitlin Kerney begins a new chapter in her BRC story.

The former Chief Clerk of Transportation is now Manager of Human Resources and Labor Relations. 

In addition to administrative duties and general human resources functions, such as monitoring the Family and Medical Leave Act process and rolling out compliance training videos, she will advocate for employees and assist General Counsel & Director Human Resources Chris Steinway with special assignments. Kerney also will report to him. 

“One of my main goals is to assist Chris in a way that allows him to focus on his goals for the department and railroad,” she said. 

Kerney said there’s a lot to learn in her new role, including becoming more familiar with labor agreements. However, she does have experience in human resources that she gained before arriving at the Belt five years ago. 

Training and development are important to Kerney. She credits Superintendent of Transportation Terry Hartwig with being a mentor who has been committed to her development. 

“He challenged me on a daily basis and was extremely encouraging,” she said. “He wanted to see me grow.”

Kerney said she hoped to continue developing her talents while working with Steinway, President Michael Grace, Secretary and Director of Compliance Harold Kirman, General Manager Percy Fields and Human Resource Administrator Cindy Homan. She said they lead by example and set a standard of excellence.

“They are exceptionally creative and are using that to help the Belt grow,” Kerney said. “They inspire you to mirror their leadership.” 

It isn’t just the Belt’s leadership that inspires her though.

“I’m proud to work here,” Kerney said. “We have so many people with different experience levels, from different walks of life and backgrounds. There is so much to learn from other perspectives. Together, we’ve made a big impact on Chicago and the nation.”

Manager of Human Resources and Labor Relations Caitlin Kerney