What is Going on in the West Yard?

Construction crews recently broke ground on a new industry on the north side of the West Departure Yard.

Using land that has been vacant since the 1900’s, the new industry is a rail served distribution center for a major warehouse home improvement chain. 

When Clearing Yard was built, the North and South Clearing Industrial Districts were created to allow businesses to locate on the BRC and have access to the entire North American rail network through our connecting lines. This concept allows businesses to use rail service for their needs, and help keep their transportation costs low.

It was a good idea in the 1900’s and it’s still a good idea today!

This new facility will transload building materials from rail to trucks for local and regional deliveries; bringing a new railroad served industry to the Clearing Industrial District. 

This facility will provide not only new revenue opportunities for the railway, but also new industry switching for the BRC to handle.

New industrial customers bring more cars to Clearing, which helps to continue with our corporate goal to grow the business. 

Encouraging and developing growth is one way that we all can all help make tomorrow better than today.

We are excited to see new business on the BRC, and we hope you are as well!