Klebba hails mentors

Carman Helper Patrick Klebba is one of five Mechanical Department new hires who started on June 26.

“All of us are hands-on learners,” he said, praising trainers and mentors for helping them adapt their skills to the railroad. 

A passion for repairing and maintaining machines extends to Klebba’s home life; he’s restoring his 2005 Mercedes-Benz E500. Klebba rebuilt the transmission and front suspension, and has more to do, which is just fine with him.

“It’s satisfying to make something that didn’t work useful again,” he said. 

Klebba also enjoys off-roading with his all-terrain vehicle.

“When you hit the trails, you always see something different and meet a lot of people,” he said, noting one of his favorite experiences was near Moab, Utah, eight years ago. “The scenery was amazing.” 

As for future activities, Klebba hopes to someday visit his family’s homeland, especially the Greek island of Santorini.

Carman Helper Patrick Klebba