Morales: Trainees support one another

Carman Helper Rogelio Morales appreciates his new teammates, including his fellow new hires.

“We help one another out,” he said. “We all have different strengths.” 

Morales said he learns best through hands-on training, which Belt instructors and mentors have provided. Having previously worked as an airline operations agent, Morales noted he’s been able to leverage his experience with heavy machinery.

“When you work at an airfield, everything is about safety, and that attitude has carried over,” Morales said. 

Away from work, he enjoys riding his motorcycles, including his favorite, a Triumph Street Triple. 

“I love exploring and going on adventures, but I also love working on them,” Morales said, stating he’s an avid hiker as well.

We help one another out. We all have different strengths.

— Carman Helper Rogelio Morales

Carman Helper Rogelio Morales