Listenbee brings art of accounting to role

Accounting Manager Archie Listenbee’s background includes working in the art world, but he prefers a railroading environment.

“With art, two plus two can equal anything; and that was hard for me to grasp,” he said. “I’m extremely happy to be back in the railroad industry and look forward to moving the needle.”

Although he met several interesting people while managing his father’s satellite gallery, he prefers being with his railroad co-workers, first at Iowa Pacific Holdings and now at BRC.

“Railroad finance is unlike any other industry,” said Listenbee, who advanced quickly and held various roles with Iowa Pacific, which included leading multiple substantial projects; he plans to leverage that industry knowledge in his present role. 

“With railroading, everyone, from senior management to field employees, has to be on the same page to keep trains moving,” Listenbee said. 

One aspect of his role will involve producing reports vital for good decision-making, a responsibility for which Listenbee is well suited as a goal-oriented leader. He also strongly emphasizes personal accountability and demonstrates a willingness to take on challenges, which includes team building.

“It was never about me; it was always about the team,” Listenbee said, noting he believes he’s joining a good group and praises his new co-workers, including Chief Financial Officer Brian Dilger. 

A biology major in college, Listenbee soon realized he had an interest in the world of finance and accounting, which led him to complete his Master of Business Administration degree.

“It just clicked, and I never looked back,” he said.

While he no longer sips champagne at galleries with creatives, his background is part of the reason he enjoys collecting art along with sneakers.