Milton-Davis: Military instilled focus on mission and safety

Challenges appeal to Signalmen Christian Milton-Davis.

It’s why he was suited to be a Marine. 

“The Marines gave me access to meaningful experiences,” he said. “There are so many things I would have never tried. What was most valuable was thinking you had a limit and breaking past that.” 

Milton-Davis, was a sergeant and served in South Korea, where he developed a penchant for spicy food. In addition to the emphasis on safety, he said the mission-focused nature of railroading and military service are similar. 

“Just get the job done safely,” Milton-Davis said. “You do your work and go home the same way you came.”

To stay safe, he pays attention to his surroundings, including his co-workers. Milton-Davis said he isn’t reluctant to ask questions. His colleagues have helped create a welcoming environment.\

Fast facts:

• Worked as a cable technician for Comcast.

• Enjoys hanging out with friends and co-workers to play Xbox Live. 

Signalmen Christian Milton-Davis