Monarrez joins BRC’s team, mission

Carman Helper German Monarrez already knows he likes BRC’s work environment, praising his new teammates for being “super friendly.” 

“The journeymen are all highly experienced,” Monarrez said. “They’re patient with new hires, and I feel  like I can ask them anything. They let us learn hands on, and safety is No. 1. As soon as we walk out there, they make sure we have our PPE.” 

The more he learns, the prouder Monarrez becomes about the company’s mission.

“What we do here serves a purpose,” he said. “The country was built using the railroad, and I’m happy to be a part of the team.”

While Monarrez currently is focused on learning his craft, he hopes to use his leadership skills moving forward.

Away from work, Monarrez enjoys time with his fiancée, Samantha, who encouraged him to apply to BRC. The two recently purchased a house and look forward to hosting family get-togethers. 

“It’s super exciting,” he said. 

Monarrez’s other favorite pastime is chess, which he’s liked since childhood.

“The game never plays out the same way twice,” he said. “I enjoy the strategy.”

Carman Helper German Monarrez