Jimenez Comes home

After inspecting pipeline welds in 23 states in three years, Carman Helper Justin Jimenez decided it was time to come home to his wife, Marisol, and children, Jacob, 8; and Maya, 7. The experience, however, did possess some merit.

“By traveling and meeting people, you see their point of view,” Jimenez  said, noting he’s been west to California, east to Georgia and various locations in-between.

While the adventure appealed to him, including seeing natural wonders such as California’s redwoods, being there for his family means more. Taking on a new job at the Belt also affords him a chance to work for the same railroad as his father, Edward, a locomotive engineer, and his grandfather, Barbarito, a retired switchman.

Having learned various skills in carpentry and the concrete and iron industries, Jimenez believes his experience will prove beneficial. 

“I like working with my hands,” he said.

Carman Helper Justin Jimenez