New statement of purpose to guide team-Q&A

From left, Signalmen Carey Harwell (standing), Pete Kapolka (seated) and Paul Ostrowski (standing), Signal Foreman Jeff Jane (seated) and Signalman Tim O’Connell 

What do you think of the statement of purpose?
“We have to keep the railroad safe and move trains.”
-Signal Maintainer Tim O’Connell

How can you ensure that we are “better tomorrow than we are today”?
“We have to continue to innovate and enhance the infrastructure.”
-Signal Maintainer Carey Harwell

“We have to be open to improvement and change.”
-Signal Maintainer Pete Kapolka

How can you ensure that we are
“better tomorrow than we are today”?

“I’m always trying to make things better by being more observant and looking out for others as well as myself. Working safely is working properly.”
-Carman Juan Lopez

“Getting product out of here early and doing it safely is our goal. It’s what the customer needs.”
-Carman Juan Soto

“The most important thing, even more than innovation, is safety.”
-Electrician Austin McDonough

“Every day you perform your job at 110 percent. B&B is a small team, everything that one of us does reflects on us all.”
-General Maintenance Foreman Juan Morales

“Each day it’s a goal for me. My co-workers help me get better, and I do my best to help them getter. We do an important job. And when we work in public outside of railroad property, it’s especially important we look out for one another.”
-Carpenter Luis Perez

“First and foremost by being safety aware and passing that on to others.”
-Carman Apprentice David Waclaw

“When you work as a team, you work more safely.”
-Carman Pedro Bahena

How do you maintain a
“laser-like” focus?

“By paying attention to your surroundings and making sure everyone is on the same page.”
-Conductor/Switchman Nicholas Taylor

“You can’t ever drop your guard. You have to follow the rules to the letter of the law.”
-Track Laborer Raul Pizano Jr.

Why are you proud to work for BRC?

“Because it’s the best. I come here every day prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. It’s important to be confident. Without it, you lack drive and focus. We’re the best railroad in the nation.”
-Conductor/Switchman Simeon Brandon

“We really do connect the world by connecting class I railroads, and I’m proud of that. BRC is all around a great opportunity and, after 16 years, my co-workers are an extended family.”
-Conductor/Switchman John Wajda

“We have different leaders. Former Chief Engineer Randy Smith was a mentor. He taught me everything, including that I should value the job. I have to give more than 100 percent and stay focused, not just for my safety but for everyone else’s.”
-General Maintenance Foreman John Oliver