Nurse Freeland praises COVID-19 response

Nurse Consultant Laura Freeland is impressed but not surprised by the Belt’s response to COVID-19.

She’s been a registered nurse for 26 years and worked with the Belt for more than two decades. In that time, Freeland said, the Belt’s people have stood out for their integrity and compassion. She notes that the company didn’t waste time protecting employees. 

“The Belt took an immediate response and a team approach,” Freeland said. “They’ve been very focused and intentional to educate themselves throughout the whole process.”

She also praised leaders for being open and honest with employees and characterized the overall response as “above and beyond.” 

While Freeland believes conditions are improving, she doesn’t anticipate restrictions loosening until June. Even then, a second wave and the fall flu season will be considerations going forward. 

“Clearly the virus is not gone and not likely to be gone,” she said. “Employees should not let their guard down.” 

Freeland said it will be necessary to continue to practice social distancing and maintaining vigilance when it comes to hygiene and sanitation, including hand-washing and use of hand sanitizer; it will also still be necessary to report any symptoms of illness immediately. She added that wearing masks as directed is a way to show you care for others.

“It protects you, but it protects others more,” Freeland said. 

Nurse Consultant Laura Freeland