Operations Lifesaver volunteer effort continues

From left, Lead Mechanic Ryan Winters, Safety Committee Chairman John Lucio, Sergeant Gerald Conoboy, Switchman Matt Davidson and Patrolman Excell Calhoun Jr.

Why did you volunteer to support railroad safety in the community?

“I’m part of the safety committee, and safety is always important, on the railroad and in the community. I used to live in this neighborhood, and I miss it. The community is important to me. People have been receptive to the material. If you can get the kids to look at it, you’re golden, because they’re a great influence on parents.”

Has safety progressed?

“I’ve been a railroader for 23 years and the Belt is a better place for all the safety efforts that have been made.”

–Switchman Matt Davidson


Why are you so passionate about crossing safety?

“When my kids were small, we lived near trains. It inspired me to join Operation Lifesaver. I volunteer and present at schools to teach children how to be safe around trains and crossings. These days, I see the shocking way people behave –— putting their life in jeopardy to save some time, including trying to beat trains — and it inspires me to keep going and try to reach more people.”

–Safety Chairman John Lucio


Lead Mechanic Ryan Winters helps inform the public.

Why did you join the safety committee?

“I wanted to get involved and promote safety. It’s really important.“

What’s a key to staying safe on the railroad?

“Take time to do things safely. It’s part of the same message we give to motorists: slow down.”

–Lead Mechanic Ryan Winters