Systems in the midst of modernization with Belt Apps

Belt Apps is in development and will replace AS400.

The new system will be used for everything from Transportation and Mechanical management to Engineering data processing and workflows. While the process of transitioning will require adjustment and refinement, Belt Apps will ultimately offer a more user-friendly and intuitive interface that enhances productivity. It’s being designed with many helpful features. 

Belt Apps will integrate various systems in real time, including TYT, UMLER, PST, and TMDS. Belt Apps will make car cycles easier to track by offering a screen to view everything about a car’s trip through the Belt, including all AEI scans, EDI messages and the most up-to-date UMLER information. The overall design of Belt Apps will make it easier to navigate the system and no longer require “locker combos.”

Belt Apps is being custom designed based on feedback from employees. The Belt Apps team continues to rigorously test the system to ensure the best transition possible. As the rollout begins, employees can expect more information, including sneak peaks, demonstrations and eventually training. Employees should look for additional information in the newsletter, via email and on Belt TV.