Recycle your electronic items Sept. 4-8

When you return to work after Labor Day, bring your unwanted electronic items with you. It’s a great opportunity because, thanks to a law introduced in 2012, it’s illegal to throw away many electronic devices, including old computers, in Illinois. Two recycling bins will be on site the first week of September.

The following items will be taken:

  • Computers and related equipment: CPUs, towers, laptops, mainframe computers, hard drives, computer peripherals, servers, routers, keyboards, mice, monitors, power supplies, cables, computer components, modems and printed circuit boards
  • Security electronic devices: Cameras, DVRs, tape recorders, CCTV monitors, alarm panels, alarm sensors and controllers
  • Industrial equipment: Electronic controllers, power supplies, robotic assemblies, motors, test equipment, transformers, switches, transmitters and meters
  • Office equipment: Printers, fax machines, overhead projectors, copiers, scanners, electronic typewriters and transparency makers
  • Personal electronics: CD players, DVD players, camcorders, radios, stereo equipment, tape players, VCRs, iPods and MP3 players, remote controls, hair dryers and hair straighteners

Do not bring: Light bulbs, paint and hazardous material.