Sandy leads Signals

Manager of Signals Bryan Sandy

Manager of Signals Bryan Sandy loves challenges.

With more than a decade of experience with CSX as a signal maintainer and then a manager of electronics engineering, he has a well-developed skill set when it comes to mainline operations, but the Belt has offered him the opportunity to learn more, specifically hump operations.

“As an Engineering employee, you constantly want to add skill,” he said. “In our field, you’re never the master of any technology because it’s always changing and there’s always something to learn.”

Progress and innovation are aspects of railroading that Sandy is passionate about. He also believes they are the key to the railroad’s future.

“If you want to know your true potential, you have to get out of your comfort zone,” he said.

Sandy sees the Signal team as being in service to the public and Transportation; his goal is to keep the Belt’s operation as fluid, efficient and productive as possible. He believes the team is up to the challenge.

“We have a diverse team with varying levels of seniority,” he said.

Sandy worked more than four years as a signal maintainer and knows how important the work they do is.

“I’m appreciative of what they do day in and day out,” he said.