Rossetti, car repair team take pride in safety, rank

Employees of the James E. Martin Freight Car Repair Facility enjoy its family-like atmosphere. Their camaraderie builds a close-knit group. They are most proud of their safe work.

“We have good production, but that means nothing if someone gets hurt,” said Mark Rossetti, car foreman. “Safety is what we pride ourselves on here.”

Rossetti joined the railroad Aug. 16, 1976, and has worked all but two years of his career there. Prior to his first day, his vision of loading and unloading boxcars could not have been further from the truth. However, he learned to love the industry quickly. 

“It was the best move I ever made — I love to come to work,” he said. “We have a lot of good people. I have been blessed to have good managers my entire time here.”

In 1995, he took a foreman assignment. He likes being hands on with employees and out in the field. He enjoys interacting with employees in other departments.

Rossetti’s wife, Gina, and children, Matthew and Jessica, have supported him throughout his career. 

“I am proud to work for the Belt Railway of Chicago,” he said. “It has been great to work here all these years. I hope to finish my career here.”

Mark Rossetti, Car Foreman

Mark Rossetti, Car Foreman