Rules class coming soon for Mechanical 

For the past four years, Car Foreman Jason Prosser has remained dedicated to creating formal-yet-engaging training in regard to the General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR), the Belt’s internal safety rules, blue flag protection, Class 1 air brakes and train inspections. 

And that annual instruction is right around the corner.

“We want to keep everyone fresh and not just update them once a year,” Prosser said, noting he also strives to produce interesting coursework for employee development. 

5S movement continues

Frequently used rail car parts and material are now easier for employees to access. 

The RIP track’s new storage racks now hold 10-foot-long pieces of structural steel, which can be cut to size on a nearby saw and roller conveyor system.

The steel was previously stored in 20-foot sections near Track 65, which required stopping movement to retrieve material. 

Brake beam storage also was enhanced as they’re now positioned on a rack outside the RIP building. Employees previously had to drive a forklift for a quarter mile to retrieve a brake beam on a pallet.