Service awards

15 years

Kenneth Hall, Aug. 8, Signal Department

20 years

Gerardo Jimenez, Sept. 1, Transportation Department

John Seroka, Sept. 1, Transportation Department

Joshua Windsor, Sept. 16, Transportation Department

Ruth Kester, Oct. 14, Accounting Department

25 years

Anita Baden, July 22, MIS Department

30 years

James Zalumsky, July 1, MIS Department

Wayne Monken, Sept. 8, Signal Department

40 years

Scott Mallin, July 15, Transportation Department

Mark Rossetti, Aug. 11, Car Department

James Romanowski, Oct. 14, Track Department


Mark Labbe, manager of operating practices, July 1

Harold Kirman, director, rules and compliance, July 1

Michael Salo, roadmaster, Sept. 1


William Lohman, switchman, Sept. 29

Ignacio Ibarra, track foreman, Oct. 12

Artemio Santoyo, track welder, Oct. 20

Eagle Eye Award

James Chacon, Oct. 7