Thanks, Mechanical-Car!


Thank you for the fantastic job everyone has been doing lately. Our FRA inspections have improved by 35% over the past few months.

Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.

I know for several months many people have had to cover additional duties and worked tirelessly to keep this department and the BRC going.

Not only do you complete excellent work, I’ve seen you help your co-workers as well. You come in early and stay late. Furthermore, you do this all with a fantastic attitude and willing disposition.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

— Assistant Superintendent-Mechanical Robert Perham

Mechanical-Car leaders:

The car foremen recognize the following employees who each and every day exemplify the true meaning of the Belt spirit.

They lead their peers not only by what they say but how they perform their duties. They take pride in their work and carry themselves with professionalism, always.

Thank you for making us better every day. You personify what the BRC is all about:

  • Tom Cingrani
  • Chuck Clarkson
  • Raul Guerrero
  • Tim Higens
  • Andrew Higgens
  • Jermey Huisman
  • Eric Jackson
  • Jim Kruse
  • Joe Kula
  • David Lash
  • Juan Lopez
  • Ron Malek
  • Frank Myers
  • Greg Pikul
  • Tim Robinson
  • Israel Soto
  • Juan Soto
  • Richard Swade
  • Sergio Velazquez
  • Joe Wisniewski

Safety drives Myers

Q: As a 14-year veteran, what do you attribute the improvement in inspections to?

Good carmenship and leadership by foremen. Good carmenship means looking at your train intently — not just passively walking by them — no matter what the conditions are such as rain, snow or heat. You have to take your time and not be in a hurry. We take pride in the job.

Q: What drives you to perform quality inspections?

The safety of anyone who comes across these trains. You need to have complete dedication to safety. The No. 1 thing is finding defects. It’s gratifying when you find something that could have been a potential safety hazard and keep it from putting anyone at risk. 

— Carman Frank Myers