TSA Honors Belt

Members of the TSA honored the Belt and its police force during Family Day.

Three members of the TSA, including Senior Analyst James Barnes, Supervisory Inspector Paul Lloyd and Lead Inspector Julisa Medrano presented certificates of appreciation to General Manager Percy Fields, Director of Police/Risk Management Gerald Conoboy and Sgt. Ramon Ortiz, citing their dedication to safety and a decade-long relationship between the TSA and the Belt. 

“We really appreciate the staff at the Belt,” Barnes said. 

For Fields, it’s one of many indications Conoboy has avoided the pratfalls of being insular and territorial. 

“When you do what Gerald does, and tell other members of the community, including other law enforcement agencies, that my home is your home, he avails us to their expertise and resources,” Fields said. “He’s worked hard to make connections and build relationships, rapport and chemistry with neighbors and fellow first responders before we need it.”