Waclaw focuses on situational awareness

December was the first month on the job for Carman Apprentice David Waclaw.

Carman Apprentice David Waclaw 

An experienced welder who’s already comfortable repairing couplers, he looks to add to his skill set and become a well-rounded craft employee. The Homer Glen, Ill., native is working in the yard and learning from his mentors how to perform quality inspections. 

“You have to take your time and make sure you’re looking everywhere so you don’t miss anything,” he said. 

Waclaw added that journeymen emphasize situational awareness, remaining alert and always wearing PPE. 

“They do their best to teach and keep you informed,” he said. “They really stress safety all the time.”

Accustomed to Midwestern winters, Waclaw didn’t need experienced journeymen to help him prepare for winter. 

“You just have to dress in layers,” he said. “Cold doesn’t bother me.”

Away from work, Waclaw enjoys powerlifitng and said it helps him stay in shape and feel good.