Annual barbecue brings together generations of Belt railroaders

Mouthwatering aromas emanated from just outside the diesel shop Sept. 5, beckoning employees to come join the fun. The scents signaled that it was again time for the annual Employee Safety Awareness Barbecue.

Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café catered the event, offering burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken and pulled pork. Personal coolers were distributed to employees, and exhibitors were on hand. 

Carpenter Michael Lewis  enjoyed helping serve food to his co-workers during the event. 

“It shows that all of our hard work is appreciated,” he said. “I like the people here, and I like where I work.”

Carman John Lucio and Electrician Joe Czerwinski also volunteered.

“I like helping in any way I can,” Czerwinski said. 

Mechanic Ryan Winters, who manned the ice cream cart, said it was a fun break from the routine.