Billingsley takes wider view of operations

Safety- and efficiency-driven logistics remains the name of the game for Kevin Billingsley, who became the Belt’s director of car operations in August.

Along with his service as the Belt’s terminal manager since 2018, Billingsley will draw on an additional eight years of railroad experience to piece complex service design puzzles together.

Requiring a wider view of operations, Billingsley  now works with industries and other carriers to devise the most efficient operating plan amid seemingly countless variables.

A primary goal for Billingsley is to enhance safety and efficiency by removing unnecessary steps. For example, he recently redesigned the operating plan for Skyway Cement Co., which enables the Belt’s train crew to serve the customer 12 hours faster per service day.

“I love the work that goes into creating a plan, but seeing the end result is the most satisfying part,” he said. 

To successfully streamline an operation, Billingsley said it’s important to be personable and humble while asking questions. He also believes active listening and honesty are critical to determine a customer’s needs and how that fits into a suitable plan for everyone involved. 

“You have to find different ways to serve the customer,” Billingsley said, noting creativity and the ability to execute a plan are key components too.

  The latter is where Billingsley says his teammates come into play, specifically Terminal Superintendent Terry Hartwig and Director of Terminal Operations Rigo Ruiz. Billingsley called their working relationship “highly collaborative” and cited Ruiz’s experience as key to determining a plan’s feasibility. 

Billingsley also thanks President/General Manager Percy Fields, noting, “I appreciate his faith in me.”

Director of Car Operations Kevin Billingsley