BRC Police Bulletin: See something, say something

Due to the quick responses and keen sense of observation demonstrated by employees, potential threats to safety and property were thwarted. For their actions, the following employees received a BRC mug. Keep up the good work!

Nov. 10, 2022: When IT Manager Brandon Bondurant observed a suspicious subject with a backpack walking southbound under the hump, he immediately contacted BRC Police and kept an eye on the subject until they were detained and cited for trespassing.

Dec. 1, 2022: Employee Daniel Canvin observed three subjects crossing over stopped trains near the Pullman area and walking down an embankment. He notified BRC Police and flagged down a Norfolk Southern special agent. Canvin stayed in the area until BRC Police arrived and then showed them where the trespassers were.

Dec. 1 and 14, 2022: On Dec. 1, employee Mark Okon observed a trespasser standing on the North Kenton Line overpass at Lake Street. He notified BRC Police and gave them a description of the subject.On Dec. 14, Okon observed a suspicious duct tape-wrapped package with protruding wires near the tracks under the Cicero Avenue Bridge. He immediately called BRC Police and maintained a safe distance until they determined it wasn’t a threat.

Jan. 11: Track employee Timothy Sipple Jr. observed a trespasser enter BRC’s property at Cicero Avenue and walk across the East Yard’s tracks. Sipple immediately notified BRC Police and provided a description of the subject, who was later stopped, identified and escorted off of the property.

Jan. 12: Switchman Rob Saxton observed a trespasser standing atop a train in the 15 West Receiving Yard and notified East Yardmaster Mike Neri, who contacted BRC Police. The subject was located and transported off of BRC’s property.

Jan. 19: When employee Carey Harwell observed a trespasser sitting on an inbound CSX train on the 7-Lead, he notified the BRC Police and South Dispatch. After the train was stopped, Harwell gave South Dispatch the location and the car number on which the subject sat.