Ponticiello joins tech team

Since joining the BRC in October 2022, Junior Software Developer Mariele Ponticiello has used her problem-solving skills and knowledge of logic programming to assist with end user-submitted tickets for Belt Apps.

A passion for math developed in her youth led Ponticiello to computer programming. She studied math at Mills College at Northeastern University in California and then earned her master’s degree in computer science from Virginia State University. Before joining the Belt, she worked as a configuration analyst for a tech company. 

While programming languages are different from human languages, Ponticiello said they share similarities, such as syntax, that she enjoys.

“I love languages,” she said.

Ultimately, helping others also appeals to Ponticiello, which often requires detective work.

“A big part of programming is figuring out why something isn’t working as expected,” she said. 

  Ponticiello said she was drawn to the Belt because of its smaller size and supportive work environment. She praised her colleagues for the training she’s received and commended Senior Software Engineer Omaid Khan for allowing her to learn by doing, while supporting her when needed.

  Away from work, Ponticiello enjoys reading, and playing strategy games and sports, including basketball.