Brock’s leadership role expanded 

Chief Mechanical and Engineering Officer Adam Brock began his oversight of the latter department on April 1.

Brock said he’ll bank on the skills he’s developed leading Mechanical while gaining insight into various aspects of Engineering.

“We have a great team and strong foundation,” Brock said. “I look to learn from our people and build on that.”

Brock said he seeks to engage leaders and craft professionals to elicit their feedback and identify opportunities for enhancing infrastructure and processes.

He notes that he’s been busy with various Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) projects and is committed to moving them forward. Most CREATE improvements, a collaborative effort by the Class I railroads meant to enhance fluidity by reducing congestion, bottlenecks and interaction with motor and pedestrian traffic, are grouped along or near major rail corridors running through the Chicago region.

“The BRC is extremely important to the network,” said Brock, who is working closely with contract engineers on the Belt’s designs. “It takes a collaborative effort for the shared success of all the stakeholders.”

Chief Mechanical and Engineering Officer Adam Brock