Getting better benefits us all

At the Belt, we’re committed to continuous improvement, which requires embracing change. This is a crucial part of our mission: to safely keep our country’s freight moving and provide for our families.

As trust involves transparency, we recently held a town hall event, which gave everyone an opportunity to hear about our business, share opinions and ask questions.

We also invited the Short Line Safety Institute (SLSI) to perform a safety culture assessment as we believe this objective third-party evaluation will help us enhance our workplace.

As I recently received our preliminary SLSI score of 68%, it’s clear that we have opportunities to improve.

As we have a good foundation, I believe that we’re all committed to safety and capable of encouraging accountability. One area of focus will be communicating why we do things a certain way.

Also, in response to some of your interviews, we’ve heard your desire for more individual and team recognition, especially pertaining to strong safety performances. This will be an action item that I’ll address personally. Plus, when we engage in conversations, let’s all take time to encourage one another while remaining empowered to discuss any potential concerns.

The collaboration and commitment we need to continuously improve requires us to maintain a constant flow of communication and input. Through dialogue, we can fully align, and that’s how we will meet the demands of the future together.

– President/General Manager Percy Fields