Community draws support of police

On Dec. 4, BRC Police played a part in supporting an estimated 110 families who attended an event at Chicago’s 8th District Police Station. The Belt donated approximately 60 presents for children ages 3-11 in addition to Frisbees, coloring books, crayons and plastic candy canes filled with M&M’s.

Santa Claus attended so children could take photos with him. Hot chocolate and cookies also were served.

Spreading more joy

The Belt also donated approximately 25 presents to the station’s Toys for Tots event, which collects the presents and gives them to the Marines to distribute to local families in need.

Bringing cheer to seniors 

Sergeant Ramon Ortiz Jr. also helped lead a bingo party at the station for 23 seniors. The Dec. 14 event included sandwiches and chips for lunch and bingo prizes provided by the Belt.