Drone program provides ‘new perspective’

A major component to safety is reducing exposure. Sending a machine into potential harm’s way instead of a human accomplishes that.

Patrolman Young Lee said multiple real-life experiences where law enforcement or Belt personnel had to respond to potentially hazardous situations led him to begin the Belt’s drone program.

“Having a drone makes so much sense,” he said.

The company acquired a DJI Matrice 300 drone. Lee characterized it as a top-of-the-line commercial model with numerous features, including the ability to stabilize itself and hover in place; a 3-mile flying range; and a 200-times zoom capability for its camera. Both Lee and Director of Operating Practices Jason Charbonneau are licensed to fly it.

Lee enjoys piloting the drone.

“It lets you see from a whole new perspective,” he said. 

Lee also expressed his gratitude to President Michael Grace for supporting the program.

“He understood the concept and was very open to it,” Lee said.