Israel Soto 

Israel Soto was promoted to car foreman April 5. He has 20-plus years of combined railroading experience earned at the BRC and Iowa Interstate Railroad as a switchman and a carman. Soto is respected by his colleagues and is known for both his enthusiasm and work ethic.

Car Foreman Israel Soto 

Jim Kruse

Jim Kruse was promoted to Association of American Railroads/procurement car foreman on Jan. 1. He has 16-plus years at the BRC and has been described as “a leader since his first day” and “the backbone of the RIP.” Colleagues credit the well-respected employee with keeping everyone in line.

Association of American Railroads/Procurement Car Foreman Jim Kruse 

New hires

Thomas Duffy 
Macio Horde Joshua Noojin 
Fabian Huitron Charles Smith 
Trevor McDermott
Daniel Blakemore Caleb McLin 
Christian JamesRyan Nast  (transferred from Mechanical)
Francisco Bermudez Lucas Jimenez
Christopher Cotillo Kevin Prendkowski
Jerardo Garcia Reynaldo Ramos
Bailey Harrell 
Jason Wiorek
Police Officer
David Sass


Elizabeth Wojcik Nov. 1, 2021
Harvey WilliamsNov. 30, 2021
Excell CalhounApril 15, 2022