Leadership training wraps up

The latest round of leadership training concluded in April.

Professor Steve Weber of Aurora University led the training at the Belt. Twenty employees were spread across three weekly 1.5-hour classes for six weeks.

Each week had a topic, including effective delegation, managing change effectively, building trust and accountability in the workplace and problem-solving and decision-making.

Car Foremen Chris Chladek and Israel Soto were among those who participated, and both said they were impressed.

“I enjoyed it; I’ve never been in a class like that,” Soto said. 

Chladek believes the class enhanced his communication skills, especially when it comes to listening and deploying his workforce. 

Chladek and Soto agreed that their classmates were highly engaged and that Weber made that easy by keeping the class conversational and illustrating points with real-life events from his own career. 

Car Foremen Chris Chladek and Israel Soto