Engineering springs into milestone

The Engineering team entered May with nearly 54 consecutive weeks without a reportable injury.

Production Foreman Mike Heikes credits planning and communication as keys to the achievement. 

“We make sure everyone knows their role and that we use proper protections,” he said. “There’s lots of moving pieces — both heavy equipment and trains.”

Heikes also points out his teammates’ work ethic and sense of pride, which he regards as integral.

While winter always presents a special challenge, including slippery conditions, the team mitigated the potential risks with preparedness and wearing proper personal protective equipment.

“We go over the potential hazards before starting a job,” Heikes said. 

What do you have to say about the team’s accomplishment?

“It’s been an honor looking out for others and being my brothers’ keeper so everyone goes home safe to their families.” — Trackman Jason Hernandez

“I have a safety first attitude, and it’s definitely important to all of us.” — Trackman Kyle Shanahan

“We lean on one another to stay safe, and we make sure we know our protection. We focus on working smarter and safely, not always harder. The proper use of tools and machines is important.” — Vehicle Operator JT Janas

“Thank you to our people for working safely. I appreciate everything they do. They put in a lot of hours to make the BRC what it is. Given the type and volume of work they do, to go one year reportable injury free is outstanding. Keep up the good work!” 

— Roadmaster Jeff Mateyack

“We all know railroad work can be unforgiving. Through collaboration and focus, our people made sure everyone went home to their families safely. They recognized potential hazards, put controls in place and maintained a sense of awareness. Congratulations to the Engineering team on the accomplishment and a job well done.” 

— Roadmaster Roger Ochoa