Farley fills key tech role

Formerly a contractor, Brandon Farley already felt at home when he recently joined the Belt as a communication maintainer. 

“I love the people at the BRC,” he said. 

His responsibilities include managing IT’s day-to-day operations, including computer resources, networking and field equipment. Farley helps oversee the routers used by signals and the firewalls that protect them. He also offers level 2 and 3 support for network resources and makes the software employees use functional through a process referred to as “building images.” 

Farley’s childhood experience with computers piqued his interest in securing them. That interest increased while he served in the Army.

“There are so many security protocols in the Army,” said Farley, noting his passion is system engineering, which he later focused on as he studied computer science at Southern Illinois University. 

His ability to develop skills in a hands-on manner is exciting for Farley, who believes that if you’re too comfortable, you aren’t getting better.

“Challenges come up every day,” he said. “Without hardship, you don’t grow.”

A Chicago native, Farley enjoys working on cars, gaming and going on adventurous hikes, especially in the South, which he grew enamored with while serving in Savannah, Georgia.

“Challenges come up every day. Without hardship, you don’t grow.”

— Communication Maintainer
Brandon Farley