From the desk of the President:

Continuous improvement includes a commitment to new values

  At the onset of this year, we changed our mission statement, vision and values at BRC to reflect the contributions of all of our people. They now read as follows:

Mission statement: Provide first-class service. It’s what our customers/owners expect and the goal of our daily effort.

Vision: Connecting the nation. We are the hub the nation’s major freight railroads rely on to get their cars across the country. Our vision is why our company exists and the result of our mission.

Values: Lead with integrity, inclusive culture and continuous improvement. These values support our mission and vision now and in the future.

First-class service is the responsibility of every BRC employee, as we all contribute to our ability to achieve our mission in our own way.

We’re living our values not just talking about them. That’s part of leading with integrity.

Inclusive culture

On Dec. 5, BRC and the railroad industry experienced a historic moment when we welcomed an all-female conductor trainee class. These eight talented, driven women will help propel BRC into its future. 

As our industry doesn’t have to be “for men only,” we’ve been proactive in making positive changes and supporting equity. It’s entailed taking a different approach to hiring that allows candidates to meet face-to-face with our management team and utilize non-traditional methods to connect with the talent we need while supporting diversity and inclusion.

Continuous improvement

General Counsel, Secretary & Director Human Resources Christopher Steinway recently completed a Harvard Business School course. His experience makes it clear that our best business minds believe continuous improvement is integral. In our case, we will remain focused on safety as we work toward our goal of zero injuries. Getting and staying there will require sustained continuous improvement. From that foundation of safety, we can improve our operating performance and eliminate setbacks such as derailments. This year our mantra will be “Injury free for 2023.”