Gator will free up other resources 

The Belt’s carmen are making good use of the company’s new John Deere Gator utility vehicle (UTV) to enhance workflow and expedite rail car repairs in the yard.

If an FRA defect is discovered during a car inspection, Car Foreman Jason Prosser said a carman can be deployed in the UTV to take care of light repairs.

“They can go anywhere the truck can go,” he said. 

Prosser notes this allows employees using the main hi-rail truck and its equipment to stay focused on larger tasks. The UTV’s capabilities also reduce the need to set rail cars out or move them to another workspace.

“We can get more resources to the car in need of repair in a timely manner, which is helpful,” Prosser said.

In regards to parts and tools, RIP track Carman Jozef Kula recently fabricated a removable tray for use in the UTV’s bed.

Mechanics’ mod elevates abilities

General Maintenance Supervisor John Oliver said he doesn’t think too many railroads have UTVs like the Belt’s John Deere Gator, especially after B&B Mechanics Chris Cotillo, Nick Hoffmann and Ryan Winters took it to a new level.

To enable the newly acquired UTV to quickly respond to issues anywhere in the yard, it had to have hi-rail capability.

As Gator modification kits of this nature aren’t readily available, so Cotillo, Hoffmann and Winters had to order and wait for parts to arrive piece by piece.

Oliver said he’s proud of what the three mechanics accomplished with the UTV and noted he appreciated Superintendent of Mechanical Adam Brock for adding the valuable asset to the fleet.