‘Johnny 5’ brought back to life

A load box is back in service thank to three employees and a week of effort. 

Diesel Shop Electrician George Hale and Machinists Drew Huisman and Karl Doyle collaborated to rebuild the appliance, which load tests locomotives in a stress-free manner.

Hale, who negotiated tight spots to rebuild the load box’s electrical system, called the project “challenging,” but said it was “satisfying” to be trusted with the job and to successfully complete it.

Doyle and Huisman refurbished the machine’s exterior, making it look like a BRC locomotive. They dubbed the load box “Johnny 5,” as it’s said to resemble the robot character from the 1986 film “Short Circuit.”

From left, Machinist Drew Huisman, Electrician George Hale and Machinist Karl Doyle