Khan continues at Belt

Senior Software Engineer Omaid Khan isn’t new to the Belt.

While he officially became an employee March 16, he previously worked more than five years building Belt Apps, the suite of programs that make up the software infrastructure for the railroad; each department has its own program. Khan worked as a software developer for BDO Digital, the company the Belt hired to replace its aging software. 

In his new role, Khan will oversee the continued development of Belt Apps and related applications. The railroad’s continuous improvement ethos agrees with him. 

“It’s satisfying to make someone’s life a little easier, to make things better and more efficient,” he said. “It’s great when you implement the change and see the results.”

Enhancing things in a railroad context is especially gratifying for Khan.

“I’m fascinated by the railroad industry,” he said. “Working from the Belt side of things, it offers you a lot of behind-the-scenes insight. Seeing the operation firsthand, gives one a lot of respect for what it takes to facilitate the global supply chain and the large impact the railroad industry has on the economy.”

The Schaumburg native and University of Illinois Chicago graduate also noted that the railroad’s history and tradition are especially appealing to him.

Khan said he looks forward to learning more about operations so he can identify opportunities for enhancements. He also appreciates the family-like work environment Belt employees enjoy.