Lee, Perry join police

Patrolman Young Lee

The Belt’s police force has added two officers.

Patrolmen Young Lee and Michael Perry both said they are driven by a desire to help people, serve communities and promote safety.

“When you’re little, you play cops and robbers and catch the bad guys,” Lee said. “That’s a thrill. But as you progress in your career, the greater reward is helping people.”

Lee is a former member of the Forest Park Police Department and Perry is a former Cicero Police Department member. They both are described as family men with nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience.

Patrolman Michael Perry

“I still have something to give to the community and this company,” Perry said. “It’s the same mission: making sure the employees are safe, that their work environment is secure and that we do whatever we can to eliminate the potential for crime.”

Both patrolmen are grateful to Belt employees from across the various work groups for helping orient them as they take on their new roles.