Locomotive embodies safety culture with milestone

The Locomotive team marked one year reportable injury free in June.

Superintendent of Mechanical Adam Brock praised the 27 craftsmen, including machinists, electricians, laborers and pipefitters at the service track and in the shop for embracing a safety culture that translates into results.

“That safety-first culture is supported by everyone in the organization,” he said, noting the willingness of employees to discuss safety issues and bring them to the attention of co-workers and managers. “They are going to look out for their brothers and sisters.”

Brock said an emphasis on education over penalization has helped instill trust and promote cooperation.

He’s proud that the railroad won the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s (ASLRRA) President᾿s Safety Award amid 2021’s pandemic, severe weather, heavy volumes and manpower issues.

“It’s a testament to everyone who works here and the people doing the work day in and day out,” he said. “What’s even more impressive is seeing everyone pull together through a challenging year. The more challenging things became, the stronger the team responded. No matter what they faced, they never let it overshadow their commitment to safety.