Operation Lifesaver hits a home run

Belt Police were again out at the old ball yard recently.

Sgt. Gerald Conoboy and other Operation Lifesaver volunteers engaged hundreds of Windy City Thunderbolts fans at Standard Bank Stadium in southwest suburban Crestwood, as they did last year.

Volunteers distributed educational material, including Operation Lifesaver coloring books and crayons, and promotional items with train safety messages, such as key chains. Canadian National’s Obie, an anthropomorphic train mascot, was there to delight children of all ages.

Conoboy said that in addition to getting the word out about railroad safety, the event was an opportunity to collaborate and make good alliances with law enforcement agencies and safety-focused personnel from other railroads. He added that it was also a good way to connect to the community.

Director of Police and Risk Management Mike Romano is proud of Conoboy’s efforts with Operation Lifesaver.

“He’s taken it to a higher level,” he said.