Police engage speeders to raise awareness

The Belt’s police force participated in the 2nd annual Illinois Speed Awareness Day.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and Families Against Chronic Speeding worked with the state to have an official declaration for the day.

For Belt police, who participated along with 400 police departments statewide, the day’s focus was protecting nearby schoolchildren. They made contact with drivers speeding near Mariano Azuela Elementary School and Pasteur Elementary School and issued 30 warning tickets. The police mission was to educate and correct as opposed to punish.

“Motorists weren’t happy being pulled over, but they were happy to just get a warning,” said Sgt. Gerald Conoboy.

He believes that even if just a few of the drivers police made contact with change their behavior, it will be a success that can save lives. Conoboy notes that warnings are archived. If drivers are caught again, they will be ticketed.

By the numbers — Law enforcement across the state:

  • 5,879 combined citations and warnings.
  • 31,291 flyers distributed.
  • 693 internet-based announcements
  • 274 press releases
  • 34 television messages