Price joins Signal

While Signalman Dartania Price is new to BRC, he’s an experienced signal maintainer.

He’s already well aware of the importance of the job that he and his colleagues do.

“It’s important to public safety,” he said, “and to the safety of trainmen.”

Price—who builds his own computers, networked his home entertainment system using a virtual machine and is currently dropping a new engine in his pickup truck—loves that he gets to work with electronics.

“The systems I work with are impressive,” he said.

He’s excited for the implementation of Positive Train Control (PTC) and further adoption of fiber optic systems, which Price said are faster and more reliable and stable.

“It’s an exciting time to be a signalman,” he said.

Price has a deliberate approach to his work.

“You take the time to make sure you do a quality job,” he said. “I double-check everything and read instructions. I’m not afraid to ask questions.”

He has two daughters, Kaidence, 2, and Aiyanna, 20, who is studying at Jackson State University, interning at Caterpillar, and studying information technology, just as her father did.