Starting the day right: Morning meeting brings team together

Communication is key to making the Belt’s vision of being better tomorrow than we are today a reality.

President Michael Grace believes the 8:30 a.m. team meeting has helped the company leverage its tight-knit nature to accomplish its mission: Develop and sustain a high-performing team that has a laser-like focus on moving rail cars safely and efficiently.

That focus is apparent during the meeting, as the Belt’s leaders get on the same page before working together to keep rolling stock rolling. 

“The meeting encourages collaboration, cooperation and teamwork,” Grace said. “It allows us to align and coordinate, which simplifies work and departmental interactions. To develop a team, you have to be talking to one another.”

Grace added that the quality of the meetings has improved over time. He appreciates the chatter before the formal meeting starts and said that there continues to be increased interaction during the meeting. It’s all served to prevent departmental silos from developing. As employees work together, the focus stays on common goals and no one loses sight about being part of the same team regardless of department. 

In addition to sharing key performance indicators and noting projects status, meeting attendees discuss initiatives and how well the team is functioning. During a recent meeting, the importance of empowered employees was highlighted as multiple examples were cited.

President Michael Grace says the meeting helps unite the team. 
The team prepares to accomplish the Belt’s mission.