Steinway returns from Harvard

  The Belt is committed to employee development, including sending one of its own to a premier business school.

General Counsel, Secretary & Director Human Resources Christopher Steinway recently completed an executive education program at Harvard Business School (HBS). The four-month program concluded Nov. 18, 2022. It was taught by a faculty of business superstars and attended by 150 successful executive leaders from various industries around the world.

“I was struck by the quality of the professors and my classmates,” Steinway said. “It was wonderful getting to enjoy four months with such a diverse, talented group.

President/General Manager Percy Fields attended a similar program at HBS and wanted Steinway to benefit from it as well.

“It’s a great opportunity to participate in a program at one of the world’s best business schools,” Steinway said. “I’ve gained additional perspective and been exposed to new ideas to help enhance the BRC. It’s a long-term investment that will benefit our railroad for years to come. I appreciate being selected for this level of professional development.”

The program entailed analysis and discussion of business case studies, with a focus of continuous improvement.

“Innovation isn’t necessarily easy, but companies need to emphasize it,” he said.

An additional executive manager may take part in a future program.