See something, say something!

July 18: Carman Joe Lucio observed a suspicious subject with a backpack walking southbound under the hump. Lucio gave a description of the suspect to BRC Police who apprehended the individual.

July 23: Carman Joseph Kopinski observed a suspicious subject with a knife walking by the West Receiving Yard. Kopinski gave a description of the suspect to Foreman Israel Soto, who relayed it to the BRC Police. After the subject was apprehended, Kopinski assisted Officer David Sass during the investigation process.

July 28:  At approximately 7:31 a.m., while working in Hayford’s East Yard, Signal employee Carey Harwell observed a suspicious vehicle parked along the fence next to the cookie factory. Inside the vehicle was a male subject. Harwell notified the BRC Police immediately and continued to watch the subject until officers arrived.

Aug. 10: At 8:50 a.m., Maintainer Jim O’Brien observed a suspicious vehicle near the Le Moyne Interlocking. He immediately notified BRC Police. Due to the vehicle’s visible bullet holes, he relocated to a safer area to await officers. The vehicle was gone upon their arrival.

Aug. 16: At 6:23 p.m., Markerman Tom Duffy notified the BRC Police about suspicious subjects taking pictures on the Belt property. Duffy pointed out the area the subjects were last seen when officers arrived. The subjects were located and escorted off the Belt’s property. 

Aug. 17: At approximately 9:40 a.m., Track employees George Guzman and Lino Villafuerte observed a female walking from the Hulcher Building toward the West Yard office. Villafuerte took a photo of the subject and immediately contacted BRC Police. The subject turned out to be a Hallcon employee going for a walk. She was advised that walking throughout the yard is prohibited.

Aug. 22: At approximately 9:50 a.m., while working in the Diesel Shop/East Yard Area, General Foreman Todd Ruddy spotted numerous prescription bottles and a box of needles lying on the ground. He notified the BRC Police immediately and continued to watch the items until officers arrived. 

Aug. 27: At 6:43 p.m., Markerman Ross Casper reported a suspicious subject walking by the Fire Road 1 by East Receiving. Casper and Carman Richard Swade monitored the subject until BRC Police arrived. The individual was located and escorted off of the Belt’s property, receiving a warning for trespassing.   

Aug. 29: At approximately 11:46 a.m., Mechanical employee Stan Urbanski observed a male trespasser walking through the Central Gate toward the hump. Urbanski notified BRC Police and kept an eye on the subject until officers arrived.

Sept. 2: At approximately 8:09 a.m., Dispatcher Joe Gallegos observed a female trespasser walking northbound on Main Line 1 toward Le Moyne Street. He notified BRC Police and kept an eye on the subject until officers arrived. 

Sept. 23: At approximately 6:18 p.m., Carman Ross Casper observed a trespasser walking on Fire Road 1 near Pulaski Road. Casper immediately notified the BRC police and followed the trespasser from a safe distance until officers arrived.

The actions of these employees may have prevented crime, injury or other incidents. Those who saw something and said something received Belt Railway mugs and Police Challenge Coins for their outstanding efforts. Keep up the great work!