Employees prepare to save lives


Sergeant Gerald Conoboy wants employees to master the skills on CPR posters posted around the railroad.

Sergeant Sam Canerday notes the location of an AED.

Sergeant Sam Canerday notes the location of an AED.

Last year, approximately 60 BRC employees were certified to perform CPR.

As part of the training, they also trained in the use of automated external defibrillators and first aid.

Sgt. Gerald Conoboy is certified by the American Red Cross, as is everyone he trains by extension. He leads the effort to prepare employees for emergencies and said the training is available to anyone.

He’ll train as few as one student, but a recent session included eight employees.

“Anything can happen, so people need to be prepared,” Conoboy said. “Help may be on the way, but it can take time for it to get here.”

He notes that AEDs are located at various sites at the facility.

“You can offer a person a second chance at life,” Conoboy said.

In addition to training employees for the first time, a slightly abbreviated refresher course is available. No matter the skill level of trainees, his emphasis is on building the confidence of those he teaches. He describes the instruction as hands-on, as he believes that’s necessary to master lifesaving skills.

Conoboy offers instruction on a flexible basis and it takes approximately three hours for a person who’s never been certified.